Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My 390 HP Dream Vehicle

Well the need for power is an evil influence. I went car shopping this month. As I was looking at the ads 0n places like cars.com and AutoTrader.com I found my next dream vehicle.
Rewind to 2005. I was looking for a good old American pickup, went to the lot and lo and behold there was this silver Jeep Grand Cherokee priced $1000 below book. It drove well and we took it home. It was a nice ride, but not a pick-up.
Forward to 2007. I discovered my new dream-mobile. Cadillac CTS. Very cool, power from a V6, power this and power that, premium sound, XM Radio, leather seats. The CTS also fit nicely with my part-time real estate agent job. The Cadillac speaks money and money speaks success, and real estate clients always want to be connected with a successful agent.
There after my regular job was leaving town and Real Estate wouldn't pay the bills. So we moved to Arkansas and I found a new position with EDS (now HP). Soon came the urge for a truck to pull a RV. I can't put a hitch on the CTS. So we go shoping for a truck.
Drove a couple, but for what I wanted to spend I couldn't get all the bells and whistles I had come to enjoy in the CTS.
Then I came across a fairly rare SUV, the Chevrolet 2008 TrailBlazer SS. Yes, a 6.0 litre Corvette powered TrailBlazer that has 390 horses, leather heated seating, BOSE Sound, DVD player, sunroof, towing package and the list goes on and on.
It is fun to drive and makes me wonder in 2011 what will be able to beat this. maybe his is a keeper.

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